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Say "hello" to the Lead Team at Calvary Church

Meet our Lead Team

Nick Poole - Lead Pastor

Nick Poole first served as the youth pastor here at Calvary. Since 2011, he has served as Calvary's lead pastor. Nick is married to his wife, Heidi. Nick enjoys basketball and spending time with his family.

Dave Brock - Executive Ministries Pastor

Dave Brock first joined calvary in 2014 as our Family Life Pastor. Dave now serves as the Executive Ministries Pastor at Calvary. Dave is married to his wife, Michele. Dave loves all things comic and technology related.

Jason Weaver - Worship & Arts Pastor

Jason Weaver joined the Calvary Church leadership team in 2017 as the worship pastor. Jason is married to his wife, Jamie. He enjoys art and playing guitar.

Delena Thomas - Calvary Cares Pastor

Delena Thomas joined the Calvary Church leadership team as our Calvary Cares Pastor in 2020. Delena is married to her husband, Jamie. She enjoys solving puzzles and traveling.


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