100 Stories in 2016

We live in a very broken, hurting world.  This is not to be negative, but is a reality of life.  As a church, we strive to not simply celebrate our stories of accomplishment, but want to help write new stories of hope and redemption for those in our community.  Our 100 Stories goal is a goal to add 100 new stories to the Calvary family in 2016.  This is a God-sized goal, but one we believe God is at work to accomplish.  We hope you can join this great movement as we write 100 Stories in 2016!

There are three ways you can join us on this great mission of writing 100 new stories in 2016: 


Having a vision from God is one thing, but to truly join God in the mission He's called us to it takes prayer.  We believe that a praying church is a church that is usable by God to change the world.  Join us this year in praying in advance for the 100 new stories God is writing through our church!


It’s one thing to pray, it’s another to put legs to our prayers. Consider joining the incredible team of volunteers at Calvary (over 100 each week) and serve in one of our various ministries. You can CLICK HERE for more info and a list of serving opportunities. 


We all play an important part in helping write 100 new stories this year. Invite a friend or family member to church. Share the story of what God is doing in your life with someone else. God’s love isn’t given to us just to keep, but to give away.  Also, you can share your story on our 100 Stories Blog located at CalvaryStories.com.  Share your story by emailing us at Stories@CalvaryIrwin.com.