Pastoral Team

Say "hello" to the Pastoral Team at Calvary Church

Meet our Pastoral Team

Nick Poole - Lead Pastor

Nick Poole first came to Calvary just after he graduated from Central Bible College in 2005. Since 2011, he has served as Calvary's lead pastor. Nick is married to his wife, Heidi. He enjoys basketball, biking and spending time with his family.


Jason Weaver - Worship & Arts Pastor

Jason Weaver joined the Calvary Church team in 2014 as an intern and currently serves as our Worship & Arts Pastor. Jason is married to his wife, Jamie. He enjoys art and playing guitar.


Delena Thomas - Calvary Cares/Operations Pastor

Delena Thomas started serving at Calvary in 2016 and now serves as our Calvary Cares and Operations Pastor. Delena is married to her husband, Jamie. She enjoys solving puzzles and traveling.


Ron Gale - Next Gen Pastor

Ron Gale joined the team at Calvary in 2012 as a volunteer leader. Today he serves as our Next Gen Pastor, leading the team that ministers to our kids and youth. Ron is married to Becca and loves spending time with his family, fishing and spending time out on a pitch playing soccer.


Michael Cole - Connections Pastor

Michael Cole joined the team at Calvary as an intern in 2018, and now serves as our Connections Director leading our Guest Services Team, Groups, Starting Point and Pastoral Care. He is married to Amber and enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors with his wife.


Rosemary Suitor - Youth Director

Rosemary Suitor joined the team at Calvary in 2021 and serves as our Youth Director. She enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, exploring and is the best at dropping killer jokes. She also serves as a vocalist for Calvary Worship.


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