LifeGroups are gatherings designed for your spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth. We strive to create a comfortable relational environment where you can experience all that God has for your life!

What can I expect at a LifeGroup gathering?

Our groups are relationally geared and usually include a brief teaching and time of discussion.  Some are more activity based and focus more on doing life together.  LifeGroups typically run for 11 weeks, but there are some that go longer.

How do I join a LifeGroup? Do I need to be a member of Calvary?

You do not need to be a member to attend a LifeGroup. In fact, you can attend a LifeGroup without having ever attended a Sunday service. Simply click the link below and select the group you would like to join. Find a group that compliments you and your current spiritual journey.

Types of LifeGroups:

  • LG Sessions: Groups that, for the most part, meet at the church and meet for an 11-week period based around specific discussions/activities (usually on Wednesdays).
  • LG Communities: Groups that usually meet outside of the church regularly (or irregularly) based on a specific purpose or season of life (young adults, women, couples etc.). These communities generally follow the yearly LG schedule, but continue indefinitely all year long.
  • LG Teams: These are teams within the church that not only get together to do a certain task but also do life together. Many of these teams have responsibilities on Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, but there are also others that gather all week long. Just join which team you are interested in and the leader of that team will contact you about the details.


Our Fall semester of LifeGroups run from the week of January 21st through the week of April 8th.

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