calvary cares campaign

Calvary Cares is a way for our church to collectively 'Express God's Love' to the world. We are called by Jesus to be characterized by our love as his disciples (John 13:35), and we strive to exercise a servant's heart and one of generosity as we give and serve outside the walls of our church.  

Our Calvary Cares values drive why and how we strive to do that very thing:

  • Loving the Least (Matt. 25:40)
  • Reaching the Next (Matt. 19:14)
  • Equipping the Poor (Psalm 82:3-4)
  • Establishing the Church (Matt. 16:18)

calvary cares involves...

1. Supporting Missionaries

Caring for missionaries is so important because they represent us throughout the world as they proclaim the gospel, serve the poor and helpless! Our care for the missionaries is both financial and practical.  Financially we support our missionaries by giving 10% of every undesignated dollar toward our missionaries.  Practically we support our missionaries by staying in contact with them to better understand their needs so we can help meet them. This might include sending food or clothing that are not available in their area, or helping provide other resources for their family. Whatever it may be, we want to support them because they are part of the Calvary family!

2. Investing in Projects

The Calvary Cares Campaign exists to not only support missionaries, but also partner with local organizations in need. Each year we carefully select several projects that we can invest in and help further the mission of organizations making a difference in the world.


3. Mission Trips

Throughout the year, we have various Mission Trips.  Our goal is that everyone at Calvary will have the opportunity to go on a mission trip at some point in their lifetime, and that everyone has an opportunity each year to serve others outside our church.

Scroll down to see a list of our 2019 Missions Trips.

To get more info or to get involved, contact our Calvary Cares Director, Amber Beck, at

2019 mission trips

We have this strong belief at Calvary that we exist to step outside our church walls to make a difference in our world! With that passion, we have mission trips each year that give people the opportunity to impact another community/country with the love of God! In 2019, we have five great trips to choose from. 

Banesa, Romania


We will be traveling to Banessa, Romania to assist the community center. We will be servicing their facilities, doing children's outreaches, and ministering to the local churches.

  • Team Leader: Sharon Poole
  • July 11-22, 2019
  • Primary Ministry Focus: Servicing the Facilities; Children’s Outreaches, Ministry to local churches
  • Approximate Team Size: 10-15
  • Approximate Cost: $2300

Morgantown, West Virginia


We will be traveling to Morgantown, WV, to assist Chestnut Mountain Ranch, a home and school for boys. We will be assisting their Thrift shop, as well as any other various tasks around the Ranch. The tasks could range from anything to painting, cleaning, clearing brush, or small construction jobs. Chestnut Mountain Ranch is making a difference in the lives of boys in West Virginia and we will be able to support them in a small way for one week.

  • Team Leader: Jesse Whiteman
  • July 15-20, 2019
  • Primary Ministry Focus: Support for the Thrift Shop; Servicing both the interior and exterior facilities
  • Approximate Team Size: 5-12
  • Approximate Cost: $300  

Niagara, New York


We will be traveling to Niagara, New York to assist a local church with a back to school event benefiting the children of that city.

  • Team Leader: Becky Kennedy
  • August 5-10, 2019
  • Primary Ministry Focus: Outreach for the local church
  • Approximate Team Size: 5-12