Calvary Kids: SEEDS

At Calvary Kids SEEDS children will be welcomed into a well-adapted, all-inclusive, sensory friendly environment led by a team of passionate and trained volunteers. We will have a brief worship period, followed by a fun and interactive bible lesson tailored to your child’s individualized needs. This will be a flexible service, with breaks and free play provided as necessary to ensure children enjoy themselves and benefit as much as possible. Children will have the opportunity in SEEDS to learn about God in a safe, loving, and embracing environment.

God Loves All Kids

How does a child get involved in CK Seeds?

        Our goal is to create an effective, individual-focused program where every child’s needs can be specifically met. This will be accomplished by the completion of an intake questionnaire, a sensory profile, and a parent interview. We want to provide families with peace and comfort when leaving their children with us during service, trusting that they will be kept safe and provided the best care, all while being taught about Jesus and what it means to love as He loved.

When does CK Seeds meet?

We meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Planning on Coming Out?

You can download, fill out, and print one of our registration forms by clicking HERE


One of our volunteers will help you fill it out when you arrive.

Who is included?

*The SEEDS ministry will be available to children ages 4-12, diagnosed with a physical, developmental, or intellectual disability.

Why it is needed…

  • 10.2 million children in the country have special needs, or 14 percent of all U.S. children. (Department of Health and Human Services)
  • 80% of families who have children with special needs do not attend church (


There would be no better place than the church to provide a space where these children can feel accepted, supported, included, and loved by the community around them.

Interested in Volunteering?

We are currently looking for passionate, dedicated individuals to volunteer bi-weekly for Sunday school services. Volunteers could have various roles within the service based on the needs of the individual children. This could consist of assisting with bible lessons, stories, supervising children, arts and crafts, worship, etc. We will be flexible in placing you wherever you feel you would thrive and feel the most comfortable!

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