Calvary Kids

At Calvary Church we believe in investing in families. Meeting the needs of every child is a huge part of that. When your child comes to Calvary Kids they will have the opportunity to learn about a God who loves them while being surrounded by a team of volunteers eager to see every child grow and build their relationship with God.

Where Will My Child Go?

Children come in all shapes and sizes. We know how important it is that each child is in an age appropriate environment to help them grow. Calvary Kids has three rooms to meet these needs: Calvary Kids Elementary, Calvary Kids Junior, Calvary Kids Movers and Calvary Kids Starters.

  • Calvary Kids Elementary  (1st - 6th grade)

    Our Elementary room is a place where your child has the opportunity to experience God and learn about him in a fun church service just for them! From worship, dramatic Bible stories, games, and more, your child will go home not just having a good time but having a good time experiencing and learning about God!

  • Calvary Kids Junior (Preschool & Kindergarten)

    Calvary Kids Junior (CKJR) is an entire service geared specifically for Preschool and Kindergarten aged children. In CKJR children are able to learn about a God who loves them and made them in a fun and interactive way from snacks and crafts, to worship, lessons, and memory verses.

    *All children must be potty trained.

  • Calvary Kids Movers (2 - 3 years)

    In our Movers Room we want our toddlers to be able to learn and explore who they are and who God is just the way they were made. This class will have play time, a snack and a Bible story where they will be able to learn basic Bible truths and who God is. Calvary Kids Movers will be meeting each week in the Family Center.

  • Calvary Kids Starters (Birth - 1 year)

    In our Starters Room children will experience the love of God first hand through our tenderhearted team members. This room provides a safe and fun environment for all children to experience the world which God made while being surrounded with toys, books, and more to help them explore their growing world.

    If your child has a bag and/or special instructions our team will do everything we can to see them through.

How do I check my child in?

We have two Check-In Locations: in the Family Center and the Foyer. All children can be checked in at either location. Please check your child(ren) in before dropping them off to the appropriate room.

Upon Check-In you will receive a Pick-Up Tag and a Nametag (one nametag per child). The nametag will include which room they are going to, any allergies if applicable, and an unique family code number. This number will match the number found on the Pick-Up Tag. Please keep the Pick-Up Tag with you. When you go to pick up your child a team member in each room will make sure the tag numbers match before releasing your child to you. This is to insure safety and peace of mind for each family as you attend Calvary Church.

Once you have your nametag(s) and pick-up tag your child is ready for their Calvary Kids Experience!

You are also invited as a parent/guardian to join us for a service to check out what goes on in Calvary Kids. We know that comfort is important for children and for many knowing a loved one is nearby is exactly what they need. Should your child want you to come with them for their first few visits you are more than welcome to join us. Simply let the Check-In Team Member know and they will present you with a special security tag and information

What about during the week?

Throughout the week we have several programs available for your children. Click for more information.

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  • RoyaL Rangers

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  • Girls Ministries

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