Our Current COVID-19 Guidelines Get more info here.


The measures we are taking to maintain a safe environment.

COVID-19 Safety Procedures

The following is an overview of local practices used by Calvary Church for our on-site physical services. The goal and purpose of this information is to outline guidelines and practices to be utilized in accordance with all Federal, State, and Local directions as made public by our governments. 

We believe that physically gathering is an important part of Calvary Church. We care deeply about the safety of our staff, team members and attendees.

Staff & Team Members

  • All staff & team members will wash or sanitize hands regularly.
  • All staff & team members will strive to maintain at least 6 feet separation from other individuals when possible. If such distancing is not feasible, then other measures including face coverings, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness, and sanitation will be rigorously practiced.
  • All staff & team members will wear face coverings except for when responsibilities require them to be on the platform.


We are asking all attendees to honor one another and wear a mask inside our facility at all times, unless you have a health concern that would prohibit you from doing so.

  • Attendees will be asked to practice proper spacing between other individuals outside of their immediate household, and only sit in a row with those who are part of their immediate household.

Calvary Kids


The check-in station is located in the hallway of the Family Center in front of Room 2 just inside the Main Exterior Calvary Kids Entrance.

The process for check-in admittance includes:

  1. Honoring social distancing with 6ft floor markers.
  2. Sanitizing hands.
  3. Monitoring visual signs of obvious sickness.
  4. Taking a thermometer reading of all kids with a temperature no greater than 100.0
  5. Escorting (hereafter known as the “runner”) students to their classroom.
  6. Encouraging the use of a mask (SEE ADDITIONAL MASK NOTES).
  • Prior to arrival, check-in is available through our Church Center app.
  • A check-in specialist will scan your barcode (in the app or in your email) for check-in.
  • The check-in specialist can provide additional help in registering new individuals.
  • The runner will screen and escort the child/children to their designated room.


During service, these are the steps we are taking to maintain a safe environment:

  1. Chairs and seating are separated by 6 inches (NOT 6 feet) because of face coverings that are being warn.
  2. During craft, snack, and playing times some chairs are removed to encourage distancing.
  3. Hand washing is provided following all activities including crafts, snacks, and playing.
  4. Disposable utensils, plates and cups are used for all crafts or snacks and disposed of following use.
  5. Following crafts, snacks, and playing all reusable items are sanitized through a “deep cleaning.”.
  6. Water fountains are restricted and currently not functional.
  7. Children are permitted to bring their own water bottles with a name tag on them.
  8. Mask wearing will be strongly encouraged except for qualifying exemptions (SEE ADDITIONAL MASK NOTES).
  9. Following each Calvary Kids Service:
  • We “deep clean” toys, chairs, and all common areas. 


  1. Due to our efforts to maintain compliance with local guidelines and our desire to maintain the safest environment for all our kids, everyone is encouraged to wear a mask with these exceptions:
  • A child has a signed waiver to be exempt.
  • A teacher has a signed waiver to be exempt.
  • Teachers will continue to honor social distancing regardless of the mask.
  • Runners are to wear a mask during runs through the hallways.