COVID-19 Update What are we doing to help keep you safe at Calvary from COVID-19? Get more info!


Stay connected during the COVID Pandemic at one of our Calvary@Home locations!

We believe that relationships are an important aspect of being a Church and follower of Jesus! This is why we have Calvary@Home to let us continue to meet during the COVID pandemic. Once we have locations available we will share information for how to sign up! Be on the lookout for registration information next week! When we move to Stage 3 of our Stages of Engagement, our Calvary@Home Locations will be the first to join us as part of our "studio audience" If you are eager to be back at Calvary then you won't want to miss out on our Calvary@Home experience.

Calvary@Home allows us to gather in homes throughout our community to watch our Calvary Online each Sunday morning, hangout with friends, and grow in our relationships with Jesus and each other! We also have Calvary@Home locations available for Kids and Teens!

CalvaryKids@Home will take place at homes throughout the community. Each home will meet the PA Background Check Requirements for optimal safety. At CalvaryKids@Home Locations, kids will hear a Bible story, learn a memory verse, play games, and more! These locations meet at various times throughout the week and differ by location.

CSM@Home (Calvary Student Ministries) will meet each Sunday Night at various leader's homes for a Backyard Bonfire Tour. Be sure to register to know where each week's location will be! CSM@Home is for students entering 7th grade through just graduated 12th grade.

Sign up at the links below to host a location!

All locations must be able to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a stable internet connection.
  • Have the ability to watch Calvary Online on a television.
  • Be a warm host with the ability to provide drinks. If locations wish to host a potluck meal that is a bonus!
  • For Calvary@Home:
  • Be comfortable leading provided discussion questions for Calvary@Home Locations.
  • For CalvaryKids@Home:
  • Be comfortable reading the provided easy-to-follow Bible Story and Memory Verse.


What if I have an allergy?

Once registration opens there will be a list of locations that are pet/allergy-friendly.

Can I host if I have a pet?

Yes! Just let us know what type of pet you have at home so we can communicate allergies.

What if I host but will be on vacation during a Sunday?

That's okay! Your @Home location can choose to meet at an alternate location or worship from home for that week.

Will I have to wear a mask?

This will vary by location at the host's discretion. If you are interested in hosting you can request that all participants at your location wear a mask.

Do I have to sign up for a location to participate in Calvary@Home

Yes, more information will be made available when registration opens up.

Will service still be available online if I am unable to join a Calvary@Home location?

Yes! We will continue to stream our service online.

How will the discussion questions be sent to me if I host Calvary@Home?

Discussion questions will be sent by Thursday to hosts via email.

Will CalvaryKids@Home packets be made available to all parents?

Yes! The packets will be made available to download for all parents in Calvary Kids right here on our website starting in June.

How will the CalvaryKids@Home packets be sent to me if I host CalvaryKids@Home?

The packets will be available to download from our website or if you need them printed and provided for you they can be dropped off at your location.

Do you have any additional questions?

If you have any additional questions you can message us on Facebook or text us at (724) 384-7375.