our mission

We exist to "Lead people into an overflowing life with Christ."

We accomplish this by helping people...



At Calvary, we value...

  • Pursuing God's Presence: Pursuing God's presence precedes all that we do.
  • Building Relationships: Relationships are the primary vehicle of transformation in our lives and our community.
  • Growing with a Purpose: Growth is not a matter of chance, but of intention toward God’s purposes in our lives.
  • Giving Generously: God’s people are blessed to be a blessing.
  • Serving with Excellence: Excellence involves maximizing our resources and abilities to make the greatest impact.
  • A Creative Approach: The unchanging message of scripture calls for ever-changing methods.
  • Reaching the Next Generation: It is the responsibility of every generation to reach the next generation.
  • Focusing Outward: The church exists to take the message of Christ inside its walls to the world outside its walls.

what we believe

At Calvary Church we believe...

the Bible is inspired by God

that there is only one true God

in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ

that man willingly fell to sin

that every person can have a restored relationship with God through salvation

that the Holy Spirit is available for every believer to live an empowered lifestyle

Calvary Church is part of a fellowship of independent churches known as the Assemblies of God. 

To learn more about the Assemblies of God, visit their website HERE.